[AZ-Observing] Re: Stupid computer (maybe operator)

  • From: stevecoe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • To: az-observing@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 2 May 2012 03:01:52 -0400

Let's see, I said please don't tell me any ways to prevent my troubles
(notice those are NOT Challenges--they are problems) and now we have
1) buy a Macintosh and 2)use MS Office--I am using a text file editor from
11 years ago that still works fine thank you.

I think I will return to 3X5 cards and a banker's box for filing.  Then I
can just make copies at Staples and hand them out at a meeting.  What
would it cost to make a 5,000 page document?  What would it weigh?  I am
certain you would all read it...right.

Clear skies;
Steve Coe
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