[AZ-Observing] StarBQ in Sierra Vista

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  • Date: Sat, 20 Jun 2009 12:40:17 -0400 (EDT)

Howdy all;

There are about 25 scopes and 40 folks at the StarBQ star party last
night, including several folks from Celestron.  We got some rain and
lightning early in the evening and then it cleared by 11 PM.

I had torn down the scope, so I pulled out my Leupold 10X50 binoculars and
enjoyed an hour or so scanning all those Milky Way goodies.  I found them
much easier to use sitting in a chair, where I could hold them steadier. 
Starting with M 6 and 7 in Scorpius, scanning through Sagittarius and
Ophiuchus onto Cygnus was a lot of fun.  Excellent views of clusters and

I also watched the Celestron gang, along with Dean from Starizona do some
imaging with a variety of scopes.  Just amazing what the combination of
modern cameras and software can do with very short exposures.  Keven wound
up with a great shot of the Lagoon and another of M 6 using a C 6 scope in
Alt-Az mode!  The softward just makes the stars round.  Wow.

I am hoping for a clearer night tonight, we shall see;
Steve Coe
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