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  • Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2008 22:13:26 -0700

For owners of SkyTools Version 2 there will be a 50% discount on Version 
3. Author Greg Crinklaw takes care of his user base!


Jimmy Ray wrote:
> I selected Skytools as well. They will ship ver 2 followed by ver 3 at no
> charge as soon as it is available. Thank you to everyone for your input.
> Found all if it quite useful in reaching a decision that looks like it will
> accomplish what I want to do. A lot of the features seem similar amongst a
> lot of the packages, with some of the usual "Ford vs Chevy" stuff. A lot of
> good software out there!
> Thanks again,
> Jimmy Ray
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> I think I'm going to get on the pre-order list for SkyTools V 3.0, it 
> comes out Dec 1. Buncha new features. It can simulate just about any 
> telescope, finder or naked eye view, either symbolic or photo-realistic. 
> It says it shows the actual brightness of variable stars on the charts 
> and they change in real time, that's a new one.
> Jack
> Chris Hanrahan wrote:
>> Jimmy,
>> Like Jack, I also use SkyTools 2.0.  It's not the most intuitive software
>> program on the planet but it's very functional.  It will easily go down to
>> Vmag 16.  I plan my outings and store all my observations within it.
>> As Jack indicated, the "interactive atlas" is a great feature.  I've yet
> to
>> run across an object that wasn't in there.  Oh, I take that
>> back...Gyulbudaghian's Nebula isn't in there...but that's about the only
>> object I've run into...so far.
>> Contact me off-list if you'd like me to put together some screenshots of
>> specific funtions for you to review.
>> Chris Hanrahan
>> Surprise, AZ

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