[AZ-Observing] Something "Special" last night...

  • From: "David M. Douglass" <dmdouglass@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 11 Apr 2015 10:38:59 -0700

As some of you are aware, I am working on a project to observe and image the
entire ARP collection of Peculiar Galaxies.
There are 338 in the group, and I have completed 276. The AL ARP program
requires 100 observations, and that was completed a few months back.
EVAC requires 77 for the EVAC Obs program, but they are a "specific 77". Of
Those, I now have 66 completed. Getting close.

Last night was "supposed" to be all cloudy. SURPRISE !! The good thing
about a backyard obs, is that in 10-15 min, you are "good to go" !!
For a night when I was not supposed to get any images, I bagged 5. I was

NGC 4015 (ARP 138) is a small, and very dim galaxy, like most ARPs, and was
one of my targets last night.
A few days back, I had seen a posting on Cloudy Nights (CN) from a gentleman
from France. He too was imaging ARPs, and had posted a picture of his ARP
My eyes about jumped out of their sockets! He had positioned his target in
the lower left of his image, and his image then encompassed a beautiful
Clearly.. Eleven (11) separate galaxies !

Now, most of the time, I try and center my targets. Where did I learn that
Well, I think I learned something from this gentleman from France.
I need to start looking at the larger general area of my targets, and look
for precious gems in the sky...

Have a look. The ARP, is positioned in the lower left, and has a "box"
around it. But don't forget to enjoy the rest of the view..
I know the ARP is small, but the detail is there. If you "right click" on
the image, you can do a "Save Picture As." to your local computer. It is a
Then open the JPG image. With the "magnification" slider ( + ) at the
bottom, ZOOM in on the image, and the target, to see much more detail.
You can use your "mouse" and move around and look at the other galaxies too.
Enjoy! I certainly have.


David M. Douglass
dmdouglass@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (secondary)
david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (main)
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