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From the FWIW department,  I took SQM readings at the AAMM at one hour 
intervals from 04:00 UT to 08:00 UT Saturday (the night before the 
'official' marathon). All readings were taken from the same location: N32° 
27.673', W111° 43.843', Elevation 1,716 ft.

04:00 UT - 21.38
05:00 UT - 21.45
06:00 UT - 21.52
07:00 UT - 21.53
08:00 UT - 21.55

Each of these readings was actually an average of three consecutive 

 I didn't take any further readings that night because I became engrossed 
with galaxies in Canes Venatici (especially the interacting pair known as 
Arp 269 or NGC4485/4490).
I took one reading on Marathon night, around 07:00 UT, but apparently only 
noted it on my Messier checklist because it isn't in any notes I can find 
here.  ;-)


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Brian, all I can say is the recording was on the back page of his check list 
just below M30.  So my guess is 5:00AM MST, mainly because M30 rose a round 
that time.  Jim came over to speak with me when many  of the lists were 
being turned in.  Unfortunately I didn't get much chance to ask questions.

Clear skies,

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