[AZ-Observing] Solar Eclipse video

  • From: Howard Anderson <handy13@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 25 May 2012 09:39:02 -0700


First of all, well done to Steve Rector.  I really enjoyed your video...

I also did a video but with much less resolution.  I used an
ETX-90 scope to project onto paper that I mounted in a little
sheet metal device I created (actually left-over roof flashing!)
I mounted a small webcam near the eyepiece so that it could
create video of the image on the paper.  Passers-by could look
at the paper and see the projected image of the sun.  Got a lot
of good comments.

I used HandyAvi to do time-lapse imaging at one frame every 10 seconds.

The link to see the video as well as the crowd at GRCO is here:


I handed off my Nikon camera to someone (don't know who) to take pictures
of the crowd.  My little telescope was set up in polar mode but not 
I used a compass to point it north and hoped it was level and set it for 
33 degrees Dec.
So I was totally busy using the hand-control to keep the sun's image 
centered on
the paper and did not have time to roam about taking pictures.  Thank you to
whoever took the pictures!

I am going to use this same setup to photograph the Venus transit.  With
luck I will get the scope aligned the night before...  :-)

I had to register the images by hand using the Process->Align... Overlay
mode of Maxim DL.  Labor-intensive to register 600 frames!  Did eliminate
most of the bouncing around of the sun's image in the final video 
through this
means.  Could not do auto-align of the images because the "center" of the
sun moves about as the shadow covers it... 



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