[AZ-Observing] Snowy trip to Five Mile Meadow

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  • Date: Tue, 4 May 2010 00:29:48 -0400

Hello all;

Well, yesterday (Sunday, May 2) was a very interesting day.  We decided to
travel up to the 5 Mile Meadow site near Happy Jack and see how tough it
will be to get Tom's big Rv into the site.

When we left the Verde Valley, where we are staying in a nice RV park, the
weather was cloudy but not threatening.  By the time we got to the
convenience store at Clint's Well it was snowing a little, but just
occaisonal flakes.  We stopped in at the RV park on Lake Mary Road to ask
what a full hook up or use of the dump station would cost and then were on
our way to Happy Jack Rv park with the same questions.

By the time we drove the 3 miles or so to the Happy Jack RV park it was
snowing like crazy.  I am clear that I don't know much about snow, but the
ground was white and the air was filled with large and frequent flakes.  I
ran in and got the info we needed and decided to slowly carry on to 5 Mile

The snow was letting up by the time we got half way there.  Once we turned
onto the dirt road toward the Bar D ranch it was not snowing at all.  We
did our survey of the site, so Tom could decide if he wanted to try the
spot, he loved it..said "piece of cake".

With that in mind we will be at the newly christened "David Fredericksen
Memorial Observing Site" during new Moon.  If anyone wished to join us,
bring warm clothes and join in.  I can't be specific about the date, we
are going to Flagstaff first.  Tom has a friend who happens to be the
director of the Naval Observatory.  Once we have had the tour and observed
with him for a night or two we will make our way on to 5 Mile Meadow.

Hope to see you there;
Steve Coe
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