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kreeves@xxxxxxxxx writes:
I'm contemplating  the Lowell Star Party next week as opposed to the All
Arizona star part,  which I truly enjoy except for the gnats/bugs during the

However, I'm a little concerned since it is only 4 miles west  of
Flagstaff/Mars hill that the light dome may be too bright.  Does  anyone have
any comments on this or can someone give me a comparison to  other observing
sites we use (Cherry, 5MM, All AZ,  Flatiron...).


Ken Reeves

Hi Ken,
Last July 2, I observed with Jim Roberts from the LSP III site.  Jim had his 
20-inch Obsession and I, my 18-inch Obsession. It's only one night  versus a 
handful at the Farnsworth Ranch but my gut reaction to your question is  that 
the LSP III site compares favorably with the AASP site from a sky darkness  
standpoint. The eastern sky does suffer significantly from the Flagstaff  
skydome. And I recall three or four other very small light domes at various  
around the horizon. However, the southern sky above the Phoenix dome, and  the 
western and northwestern sky are pretty dark.
Here, are some observations from that night at the LSP III site:
1. NGC 6166=Abell 2199: _http://members.aol.com/billferris/n6166.html_ 
2.  Abell 39: _http://members.aol.com/billferris/abell39.html_ 
3. Minkowski's  Butterfly: _http://members.aol.com/billferris/mink29.html_ 
4. Swan Nebula: _http://members.aol.com/billferris/m17.html_ 
I'll be at LSP III and hope to see you there.
Bill in Flagstaff

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