[AZ-Observing] Sirius Lookers MM 3/16/07 Report

  • From: "G.B." <geebee111@xxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2007 23:47:27 GMT

Adam and Geoff were the only two members to marathon all evening.  Each
bagged 109 objects.  When M30 finally reached our horizon, the sky was
too bright.

The weather was warm and moderate this time around at the Two Trees
location.  It did get a little chilly during the "layover" period.  For
the most part and for the majority of the evening, the sky was
fantastic.  My campaign was via my Starmaster with a 22mm Panoptic. =

However, the Sombrero was so very crisp that the 8mm Radian was called
for :)  Another favorite, M51, got lots of attention during the evening
because the sky was so very good.  While we kept mostly to the program,
the sky did demand a few little detours here and there..

Numerous members and visitors stopped in for a chat and to perform some
of their own observing.  Ara came by with his huge binoculars.  OMG -
those binos are supurb!  I would just be checking off an open cluster
on my list, having enjoyed the view, and then Ara would have it in the
binos and simply blow away the view I had just enjoyed.  The stereo
vision in this instrument is amazing - the depth of the objects
snapping into view -  (no - bad, bad =3D=3D=3Dwrite 500 times, We will n=
order giant Binos.  We will not order giant Binos.  We WILL order giant
Binos.  We WILL order ........   ........)

Sadly Thom and Ellen could not make the drive this year, so there was
not a warming tent with a propane heater, and there was no MM dinner. =

It was fortunate that the weather was nice.  I have gotten spoiled with
the warming tent.  We missed your company guys.


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