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  • Date: Tue, 28 Jul 2009 09:22:59 -0700

ISS & Docked Endeavour Pass over Arizona

Very cool. Looking NW it brightened on right on time, ~8:21 PM...a
little startling when that happens even when you know it is going to
happen...called out my wife and she looked and then she went in after
our 13 yr. old grandson, Daniel...both came out as it was cruising at
the zenith thru Hercules..."very bright with spikes all around it" he
said...actually holding his attention as ISS & docked Endeavour passed
to the SE...I saw it fade out about 30 degrees above the horizon...later
when Jupiter was high in the south, I judged the brightness and spikes
out of it as nearly the same as the view of the earlier ISS flyover from
the backyard in a surprisingly clear, in the middle of the monsoon-night
in Phoenix.

Thanks for the Jupiter/Spot report from Wayne, I figured the spot on
Jupiter would be faded-out by now.

Thanks for the ISS flyover alert on Sunday, Jack!

Rick R.

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Watch for the Shuttle and the ISS tomorrow night Monday 8:21 PM from the
It will be 87 degrees and very bright, traveling along the length of the
Dipper and thru the center of Hercules. See http://www.heavens-above.com

You can see it tonight, but it's only 20 deg high in the W.


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