[AZ-Observing] Sentinel-Schwaar Star Gaze date change!

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Ah, Murphy at his best;

So, less than 24 hours after announcing a date for next year's Sentinel-Schwaar 
Star Gaze I am informed that I am to attend a wedding on the Saturday night 
that I have set for the star party.  AJ, what is it about us and astronomy and 
wedding dates???   So, in a totally selfish act, I will now change the date.  
Please throw all electronic bricks so you can get it out of your system.....my 
doctor says it is best that way.

The next Sentinel-Schwaar Star Gaze will be held at the observing site south of 
Sentinel, AZ on Friday and Saturday, March 8 and 9, 2002.  Please, at least a 
few of you show up.....I would hate to announce a date for a big group 
observing session and be the only person there. 

I will work on trying to get a portapotty to the site, we have not had good 
luck in this area in the past, but let's keep trying.  If anyone has any input 
about a place to call, let me know.

For the newsletter editors in the groups, here are instructions to the site:
(email me if you would like the map)
Sentinel-Schwaar Star Gaze

Sat. March 9, 2002


The Sentinel-Schwaar Star Gaze is a chance for astronomers to meet at an 
Arizona dark sky site.  It is sponsored by the Deep Sky Group of the Saguaro 
Astronomy Club in memory of Pierre Schwaar.  There is no registration and no 
fee to attend, just show up and enjoy the night sky.  In the past, folks have 
arrived on Friday, for two nights of observing.  There are no facilities at the 
site, it is just a large flat area in the middle of the desert southwest.  It 
gets both hot and cold, depending on the whim of the weather, so bring cool 
water and warm clothes.  Please be courteous about white light, many observers 
and photographers are going after very dim objects.


To get to the site, drive to Gila Bend, AZ. and get on the I-8 freeway going 
west toward Yuma.  The Sentinel exit is about 30 miles west from Gila Bend.  
Take the exit and go south, under the freeway and across the railroad tracks.  
Go straight south on the dirt road and drive 2 miles until you see a large, 
flat area of the desert to your left, white rocks mark the site.  It is before 
a cattle guard.  YOU ARE THERE!

Author:  Deep Sky Observing--The Astronomical Tourist
Saguaro Astronomy Club web site:

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