[AZ-Observing] Re: Sentinel was WET!!

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Maybe because Vekol is much closer to the Phoenix Heat Island. The Clear Sky
Clock indicated this also, although only about one level of difference in
humidity. By the way a great addition to the Clock!

Rick R.

PS: Thanks Mr. Coe for the magnificent view of Saturn from Sentinel in the
Nexstar 11.

PSS: I also viewed three comets: 78P/Gehrels, Tucker & Machholz. And,
enjoyed the meteor showers. The Schwaar 10" f5.8 took a nice bath overnight.

PSSS: Thanks to Jack Jones for getting the Porta-John.

PSSSS: The obligatory, "A great time was had by all!"

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On Friday night, only 60 miles to the east of Sentinel, we experienced 
humid conditions at Vekol, but no dew when I packed at midnight.  I 
expected much worse.  It sounds like Vekol was dry on Saturday night as 
well.  I wonder what is different about the sites that kept Vekol dry last 

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