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Howdy all;

I have had several people get with me about going to Sentinel this =
weekend.  I will certainly be there, sounds like we are set up for a fun =
time.  I am going to try and get out of town early, so I will meet ya =
there.  Map to get there follows this message, it is the flyer for the =
big star party in March, but he place is the same.  It is about 2 hours =
from Phoenix, so try and leave early enough to get there in twilight.

Steve Coe
Sentinel-Schwaar Star Gaze

Sat. March 9, 2002


The Sentinel-Schwaar Star Gaze is a chance for astronomers to meet at an =
Arizona dark sky site.  It is sponsored by the Deep Sky Group of the =
Saguaro Astronomy Club in memory of Pierre Schwaar.  There is no =
registration and no fee to attend, just show up and enjoy the night sky. =
 In the past, folks have arrived on Friday, for two nights of observing. =
 There are no facilities at the site, it is just a large flat area in =
the middle of the desert southwest.  It gets both hot and cold, =
depending on the whim of the weather, so bring cool water and warm =
clothes.  Please be courteous about white light, many observers and =
photographers are going after very dim objects.


To get to the site, drive to Gila Bend, AZ. and get on the I-8 freeway =
going west toward Yuma.  The Sentinel exit is about 30 miles west from =
Gila Bend.  Take the exit and go south, under the freeway and across the =
railroad tracks.  Go straight south on the dirt road and drive 2 miles =
until you see a large, flat area of the desert to your left, white rocks =
mark the site.  It is before a cattle guard.  YOU ARE THERE!



Author:  Deep Sky Observing--The Astronomical Tourist
Saguaro Astronomy Club web site:

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