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  • From: "Thad Robosson" <starstarcracker@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2001 06:32:35 -0700

> I was wondering about the darkening you were noticing at the edge of
> Saturn's rings. Are you talking about the crepe ring or the B ring

Hey All,

Crepe ring, B ring, I'm not too schooled here, I guess I need to look it up!
Anyhow, The Cassini Div.  was obvious, and split the rings into two halves.
The outer half appeared "greyer" until I noticed the division in it.
(Encke's div, Right?)  The ring inside the Cassini div. wasn't really broken
up, but did exhibit some coloration right at the limbs of the ball.  The
colors changed a bit (or perhaps it was my perception of the colors that
changed...) but mostly it was a rusty-grey color.  The coloration went about
halfway across the inner rings towards the Cassini Div.  Maybe covering 10
degrees on each side.  Any ideas?

Thanks for the back slap with the 14th mag galaxies.  Didn't see any detail
on the companions, didn't expect to either, but rather used the Messier
Marathon approach...I saw it, I'm checking it off.   I now know that it's
possible, and I'll head back later with a larger scope for details.  I've
been reading "Deep Sky Wonders" by Walter Scott Houston.  It's been quite an


Thad Robosson
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