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Thad -

Just wanted to add that there were several messages to this list on August 
27 about NGC 7129 and NGC 7133.  To summarize again, NGC 7129 = H.IV.75 is 
the possible cluster and nebula here.  I say "possible" cluster because as 
you note there are not really all that many stars involved in the nebula - 
I don't think the existence of a real cluster here has yet been proven. 
NGC 7133 is simply a nonexistent object.  It was discovered by Bigourdan, 
but Harold Corwin has shown that nothing exists matching Bigourdan's 
position and description.

- Brent

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Another one was the "non-existant" NGC7133.  7133 doesn't exist according 
to the NGC/IC site, but yet it is plotted in most atlases.  However, the 
coordiantes of 7129 point to where 7133 is plotted.  (In other words, 
apparently the "cluster" 7129 and the "nebulosity" 7133 are the same 
Anyhow, if you find the field, 7129/33 is the patch of 3 stars surrounded 
by a faint nebulosity.  Find the "L" shaped asterism, and it's right on 
the corner of it.  Many, Many thanks to the Pest for the quick loan of 
Night Sky Observer's Guide.  (I needed the pic in the book to verify what 
I was looking at.)
. . .

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