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For tomorrow night I'm planning on a trip to Antennas.  The other day Joe Goss 
said he would be there and I'm planning on that also.  Haven't decided on 
departure time and am open to suggestions, especially if folks want to meet 
here before leaving.
The weather report, for Saturday night, at this time is Antennas:  mostly 
clear, lows in 60's and winds to 5mph.

Directions to Antennas site follows:  
Travel time about 2 hours.  Go west on I-10 to Hovatter Rd at exit 53 or about 
40 miles west of Palo Verde Nuclear Power generating station.  Turn left over 
the freeway, drive over the canal and then the road takes a sharp right and the 
pavement ends at a "dead end" sign.  Turn left at the sign and you will be 
headed directly toward some radio and cell phone antennas.  After you pass the 
antennas the road takes a sharp right and makes its way through a wash or 
stream gully; then the road levels off for half a mile before you pass into a 
second gully.  As soon as you come out of the second gully the observing site 
is on your left.  It is a large desert pavement that is exactly 2 miles from 
the I-10 freeway.   The coordinates are 33:35:07   113:38:58 elev 1488'.

AJ Crayon
Phoenix, AZ

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