[AZ-Observing] Re: Roadless Act Input Sought by State

  • From: Jeff Hopkins <phxjeff@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2006 14:25:30 -0700

As with all organizations there are good and less than good people. 
People also move on and those that replace them may or may not agree 
with what was previously done. This is why policy must be made. 
Without a voice to the people in power, we are at the mercy of the 
policy makers who may think we don't care what they do. All comment 
for the Roadless Area management petition must be received by the 
Arizona Game and Fish Department by 31 August 2006. The meeting to 
night is just for information and questions. They will not take oral 


At 14:18 -0700 7/10/06, Andrew Goodwin wrote:
>Jeff Hopkins wrote:
>>  Andrew,
>>  I have a lot of dealings with the Forest Service, most have not been
>>  good. When asked why they closed a road their reply was "Because we
>>  can." There have been a lot of people upset by Forest Service
>>  actions. That is one of the main reasons for the meeting tonight. If
>>  you do not get involved, then the next time you head to your favorite
>>  dark sky site and find the road blocked, you will probably not be
>>  happy.
>>  Jeff
>>   I have found that the rangers are quite friendly and the Forest 
>>Service has always been very helpful. I do hope this works out ok. 
>>I can't make the meeting, however I will write my elected 
>>represenitive. He has always sent me a reply and not a form type. 
>>This is what I ment by forming a good working relationship with the 
>>powers that be. Also note that if you flood the developers with 
>>e-mail concerning street lights (like I have) you can make a 
>>difference. I now have shelds on all the street lights that used to 
>>shine in my back yard. And the HOA has issued ticketts to my ***** 
>>neaghbors for there backyard floodlights. But I digress.
>Clear Skies to us all.
>Andrew Goodwin
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