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Howdy all;

When I started putting together the second edition of my book "Deep Sky
Observing", I mentioned that I will need some good images of a variety
of deep sky objects. The first edition is from 1999 and obviously
astrophotography has gotten much better since then.

I got some nice emails which told me folks were willing and able to
provide some of what I need. I am truly sorry that I cannot offer any
money for these images, but I will certainly include your name and
information on your telescope.

So, provide me a Black and White image, your name and telescope size and
type and send it to my email given below.

Thank you very much;
Steve Coe

stevecoe at cloudynights dot com

Galaxies Chap. 9

NGC 247 Cetus
NGC 3115 Sextans
NGC 4216 Virgo
NGC 4567 Virgo
NGC 7201 Pisces Austrinus

Nebulae Chap. 11

NGC 1491 Perseus
NGC 1999 Orion
NGC 2261 Monoceros
NGC 2359 Canis Major
NGC 7380 Cepheus
NGC 7635 Cassiopeia
B 86 and NGC 6520 Sagittarius
B 133 and B 134 Aquila
IC 443 Gemini
Veil Nebula (both sides) Cygnus

Planetary Nebulae Chap. 12

NGC 1535 Eridanus
NGC 2371 Gemini
NGC 2392 Gemini
NGC 2438 Puppis
NGC 2440 Puppis
NGC 3242 Hydra
NGC 6210 Hercules
NGC 6302 Scorpius
NGC 6369 Ophiuchus
NGC 6445 Sagittarius
NGC 6572 Ophiuchus
NGC 6804 Aquila

Open Clusters Chap. 13

NGC 1857 Auriga
NGC 2355 Gemini
NGC 6469 Sagittarius
NGC 6791 Lyra
NGC 7686 Andromeda
NGC 7789 Cassiopeia

Globular Clusters Chap. 14

NGC 5897 Libra
NGC 6144 Scorpius
NGC 6229 Hercules
NGC 6652 Sagittarius
NGC 6723 Sagittarius
NGC 6934 Delphinus
NGC 7006 Delphinus

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