[AZ-Observing] Re: Question about Digital Camera Adapter for Eyepiece Photography

  • From: spooner@xxxxxxxxxxx (Michael Spooner)
  • To: <az-observing@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 24 Dec 2001 15:27:52 -0700

Yesterday I loaded a digital photo of the crater Copernicus to my website. I
used a 20" Dob with rather mediocre optics. The mirror has substantial
astigmatism that limits it to low power use.

Click on the Copernicus link at the bottom of the page. The file is approx
110K in size. There are video files of the planets with a better mirror. I
have had better results with video due to the eye's intergration of a large
number of frames and it's smoothing effect of the seeing. Neither method
does more than closely approach what is viusally seen but are satisfying in
the ease of execution. I never had even marginally comparable success with
--Mike Spooner

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