[AZ-Observing] Question about Digital Camera Adapter for Eyepiece Photography

  • From: Herve Dole <hdole@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 24 Dec 2001 09:49:15 -0700

I have a digital camera (Nikon Coolpix 950) and I like to take pictures
at close to the eyepiece of my small ETX of the moon or planets (1). But
until now ,I had'nt any adapter, so the ratio of good images over bad
images was about 10%. I then read the paper by E. Aguirre "Astro Imaging
with Digital Cameras" in the August 2001 issue of S&T (p 128) and
decided that I need to purchase an adapter that keep the camera close to
the eyepiece and steady. I found basically 2 families of products:

1- lens rings: a system of rings that connect directly the eyepiece to
the lens of the digital camera (like scopetronix's Digi-T)

2- system that attach the digital camera via the threated hole in the
camera body (like Orion's SteadyPix)

It seems that the 2nd family is more flexible (one can use different
cameras) and cheaper, but the 1st familly seems more accurate. Is it
right ?

Has anybody already tried any of these systems ? How do you like them ?
Pros and Cons ?

Thanks a lot, and happy holidays under clear skies to all !


(1) some image examples of the last partial solar eclipse are given at:

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