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  • From: Stan Gorodenski <stan_gorodenski@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 05 Mar 2007 13:17:36 -0700


This May 12th I have decided to host a potluck-star party. The event 
behind this is the installation of my new Meade 16” LX200R.

The pot luck will be the same as previous ones at my place. Bring 
whatever you would like for the pot luck. Hopefully, by luck, one or 
more may bring some main course items, such as hot dogs, hamburger, etc. 
I will supply the condiments, coffee, hot chocolate, plastic utensils, 
paper-plastic plates, cups, and napkins. If there is anything I forgot I 
will mention it in a follow up message.

The weather forecast for March through May is a weakening of El Nino, 
and drier and higher than normal temperatures. In all my star parties 
the skies have been good and so I expect them to be good at this time 
also. I am in a, relatively speaking, rural area and my lot is large 
enough for anyone who may want to camp out overnight and drive back the 
next day.

My place is near Prescott, about 7 miles SE in a straight line, and 
about 15 miles west of the SAC Cherry Road observing site. My address is 
9440 E. Newtown Ave., Dewey, Arizona. The directions to my place are:

 From Phoenix take the Prescott (highway 69) exit off I-17 at Cordes 
Junction. You will pass through Mayor and Humboldt. Continue on highway 
69 to Young’s Farm which is at the intersection of highway 169 (the 
Cherry Road) and highway 69. The other way to get to this intersection 
is to take I-17 to highway 169 and then head west on 169 like you would 
be going to the Cherry Rd. observing site, except you will pass the site 
and continue for about another 10 miles to the Young’s Farm intersection.

At the Young’s Farm intersection (highways 69 and 169), continue for 
about a half mile (north) on highway 69. Turn left (West) on Kachina 
which is between Shuck and Sons Construction and Blue Ridge Market. The 
road dead ends at Pony. Turn left on Pony and go about 1/10th a mile up 
a steep hill. Turn right on Henderson. Go on Henderson for about 3 
miles. Near the vicinity of my place, Henderson is renamed to Newtown. I 
am the second driveway on the right after the pavement ends. My address 
is 9440 E. Newtown Ave, Dewey.

My home phone number is 928-632-8424. Please call or email me if you 
plan on attending sometime before May 12th.

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