[AZ-Observing] Poor Quadrantids showing

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  • Date: Wed, 4 Jan 2012 05:26:07 -0500

Howdy all;

I got a good nap this afternoon so I was up late working on a project. 
After I was tired of working on the computer I decided to step outside and
see if the meteor shower was going to happen.  Yes, I know that the
Quadrantids are the most unpredictable of meteor showers.

I stayed outside for 30 minutes as the gibbous Moon set.  I saw exactly
three meteors all from the radiant to the north of Bootes and south of the
Head of Draco.  Two meteors were about 10 degrees long and 3rd magnitude
and one was 15 degrees long and first magnitude.  Not much of a shower by
my standards.

All of this is from a site about 10 miles northwest from Wickenburg,
Arizona.  I could easily see the Beehive star cluster and several stars
involved within the Coma Star Cluster.  So, I would estimate my limiting
magnitude at 5.5 once the Moon set.  There were some distant clouds along
the western horizon, but none where I was observing.

Maybe next time;
Steve Coe
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