[AZ-Observing] Re: Photos of Observing Trip to Mount Bigelow 61" Telescope

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For the most part I surfed Tom's Celestial Portraits for the small bright 
trinkets staying south of +60 due to the scope's limitation as seen in this 
photo http://www.pbase.com/polakis/image/72073162   Mostly there were a lot of 
planetaries.  As you can well imagine, the detail knocked my socks off! All of 
my many pairs, seriously.  I don't have the list here with me in non-snowy 
Michigan but a couple of them come to mind immediately, like the Little Dumbell 
M76 which was a huge take-the-field bowtie,  the Eskimo N2392 who happened to 
be wearing an intricately embroidered parka, and Einstein's Cross which with 
some concentration 4 lobes definitely came into view.  I so wanted to observe 
the Moon--just for historical reasons but it was too new.
Jenn Polakis

---- gene lucas <geneluca@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 
> Nice tour shots, as usual, Tom and Jenn!
> ...But WHAT did you get to observe????
> Gene Lucas
> (17250)

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