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In reading the messages at Yahoo I found this post, and Tom only the object
locater "times out" movement of the scope does not prevent this. You must
press a button within the 15 min to keep it going.

 I agree with you on all of these points that they are nuisances. If you
are willing to put up with the slight inconvenience, you can work around
each of them:

> 1) controller shuts off after 15 mins

Purchase the upgrade to extend to 50min, or use the trick with a pc
planetarium program with the test mode.

> 2) Planet location are not calculated correctly

Best way around is as someone pointed out, use a pc or palmtop to get
the correct coordinates, and use the coordinate display of the locator
to find them.

> 3) no external connector for external power supply

If you don't want to modify your locator, you could use a pair of
alligator clips inside the battery compartment to clip onto the
terminals. Alternatively, something I have done in the past is to cut a
block of wood the same size as a 9V battery, then tape wires at the end
so that they contact with the locators contacts. Have these wires hang out.

> 4) Controller cant be upgraded. It uses a single microcontroller, a
> Motorola MC68HC705C8A. This is a one time programmable . Now I could
> be wrong.

Yes, it is OTP. There is an upgradeable flash chip, but I am 99% certain
this is only used for the database, and not the control program.

> 5) Display light should be red NOT green.

I've been considering doing a mod to replace these with red. Is there a
lot of interest out there? To do so, it would require soldering surface
mount components inside your locator.

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> Personally I wouldn't call it a fix as much as an "Upgrade." In my opinion
> fix would be free. Considering you're no the only person I've mention this
> feature as a problem, I'm surprised Orion Just doesn't make this feature
> away  or a least put the option in to turn it off, For free.
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> In a message dated 11/11/2004 11:47:20 US Mountain Standard Time,
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> Thank you for  your email to Orion.
> We currently offer an optional upgrade for the  auto shut-off feature on
> Intelliscope Object Locator.  It's not a  bug fix or upgrade patch.
> it is a change that can be made to  increase the auto shut-off time.  The
> shut-off won't be disabled, but  it will be increased to 50 minutes
> of 15.
> Because the EPROM  is built into the hand controller, we will need to
> the unit to  implement the longer shut-off.  The optional change costs $30
> $6.95  S&H.  The turnaround time takes approximately 2-3  weeks.
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