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Excuse this one-time mass mailing, intended for those within SESE who
care about the value of the dark night sky, effective nighttime lighting
practices, light trespass, etc..  Please do *not* reply to all.

The Dark Sky Stakeholders Group (DSSG) of the Maricopa County Association
of Governments (MAG) has been working on an updated Pattern Outdoor
Lighting Code for consideration by the local municipalities within
Maricopa County for the past two years.  The existing Outdoor Lighting
Codes in the county have not been updated since the '80s, when several of
the now prevalent lighting sources did not exist.  The light dome from
the Phoenix metropolitan area has been increasing in strength faster than
its population in the intervening years (as opposed to the light domes of
Tucson and Flagstaff).  The impact of that light dome on ground-based
astronomy in Arizona, as well as that on wild-life and human circadian
rhythms is a problem that goes beyond the Phoenix metro and Maricopa
County, but is a problem that affects most of the State.

Recently, sufficient opposition to this proposed updated Pattern Outdoor
Lighting Code, or indeed *any* regulation of outdoor lighting, has
emerged from lobbyists representing several commercial interests (sign
industry, mall developers, supermarkets, banks) in the Valley, that MAG
will likely only present, but not recommend, the adoption of this updated
code to the local municipalities.  That draft, including an explanatory
section and FAQs, is attached.

Should you care about preserving a semblance of the night time ambiance,
if not within the Phoenix Metro area, but at least in the surrounding
outlying areas, then your attendance at tomorrow's MAG-DSSG meeting might
prove valuable.  Below follows the meeting announcement, time and


Rolf Jansen
Rogier Windhorst

Dr. Rolf A. Jansen                   Research Scientist
                                      Extra-galactic Astronomy & Cosmology
School of Earth & Space Exploration  tel:   (+1)480 727 7119
Arizona State University             fax:   (+1)480 965 8102
550 E. Tyler Mall, Room PSF-686      email: Rolf.Jansen@xxxxxxx
P.O. Box 871404                      URL:   www.public.asu.edu/~rjansen
TEMPE AZ 85287-1404

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Subject: Dark Sky Stakeholder Group meeting announcement

Dear Dark Sky Stakeholders Group (DSSG) participants,

The next meeting of the Dark Sky Stakeholders Group (DSSG) will be held
on Tuesday, July 26, 2011 at 1:30pm.

DRAFT Dark Sky Agenda for July 26, 2011:

1. Introductions

2. Comments and feedback on Resource Guide and Report - The latest
    version of the report is attached to this email.

3. Discussion of Next Steps


The next meeting of the Dark Sky Stakeholders Group will be:
Tuesday, July 26, 2011, 1:30 PM
Valley Metro RPTA
101 N First Ave, 13th Floor
Phoenix, AZ

Free Parking is available in the MAG parking garage, where the meeting is
usually held, at 302 N 1st Ave, Phoenix.  The underground parking garage
is accessible from 1st Avenue.  Bring your ticket with you to the meeting
for validation

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