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>> You might also look at the MacOS. Image processing really shines on the
>> Mac. Forget MHz, a 500 MHz Mac doing image processing out performs a
>> Intel box at over twice the MHz.
>> Most people doing image processing (not just astronomical) prefer the Mac.
>All of that is true but the variety of astronomical image software is ot
>nearly as good for the Mac.

While this may be true, there are options. I purchased a Mead CCD system 
and software. The software was for PC only (really terrible software, 
BTW). I used the software with Virtual PC on my Mac PowerBook and it 
worked fine. This was both data acquisition and imaging manipulation 
software. Most applications for the PC will work fine on the Mac with 
Virtual PC. In fact they usually run faster in the emulation mode on the 
Mac than on an equivalent PC. :-)


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