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  • From: Wil Milan <wmilan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2001 22:42:29 -0700


I agree with Russell that you've been told a bunch of hooey. I do lots and 
lots of image processing on a Pentium III PC running Windows 2000. I reboot 
that machine every few months, and then only when I have to shut it down to 
move it or for some other external reason. This machine (a plain HP 
Pavilion on which I installed Win 2000) is every bit as solid and reliable 
as the Linux machine I had running next to it until a few weeks ago. (I was 
so pleased with Win 2000 that I converted the Linux machine to Win 2k so I 
could run more of my regular apps on it.)

Of course there are Windows and Windows. Windows NT and its descendant 
Windows 2000 are nearly bulletproof. Windows 98SE is decent but not nearly 
as robust as NT and 2000, and Windows ME (Mangled Edition?) is nearly 
useless for anything other than running simple apps and playing games.

Wil M.

At 06:22 PM 8/29/2001, you wrote:

>I think you were told a bunch of hooey. What you heard sounds more
>like Windows bashing and Linux fanaticism; two items that tend to be
>combined quite frequently.
>Russell Corfman

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