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>I don't know if this is the correct forum for these questions, but I do
>not know where else I may be able to post them.  If inappropriate,
>please direct me to another discussion group.
>I have been told that running imaging processing software in a Microsoft
>Windows operating system causes the pc to bog down to the point where
>the pc has to be rebooted every couple hours or days (days if the
>machine is never turned off).  Also, I have been told that this problem
>does not exist with Linnex (misspelled?, syn Redhat) operating systems. 
>Has anyone experienced this?  Could anyone shed some light on the
>subject of preferred operating systems for astronomical software, and
>any computer resource problems in running image processing software?

You might also look at the MacOS. Image processing really shines on the 
Mac. Forget MHz, a 500 MHz Mac doing image processing out performs a 
Intel box at over twice the MHz.

Most people doing image processing (not just astronomical) prefer the Mac.


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