[AZ-Observing] Occultation by 129 Antigone

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  • Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2001 07:50:35 EDT

Barring any last minute astrometry indicating that the path of the occulation 
has shifted east, or bad weather, there are at least 6 of us from the Phoenix 
area who plan to try for the occultation of SAO 165635 in Aquarius by the 
113-km asteroid (129) Antigone this Saturday night (Sept 8), even though the 
path is predicted to pass east of Arizona.  We have three different areas 
covered: Mesa area, Coolidge, and east of the Phoenix metro area.  I am 
interested to know if anyone from southern Arizona is going to try for this 
occultation? The couple of us traveling east would prefer not to duplicate 
the efforts by others.  I would very much appreciate hearing from you, 
directly if you prefer, about your plans to observe this event!  It would be 
great to have a coordinated observing plan, so that if the path does shift 
our way, we have the broadest coverage possible.

Randy Peterson
East Valley Astronomy Club

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