[AZ-Observing] Re: Occultation attempted at Badger Springs Road

  • From: Gene A Lucas <geneluca@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: az-observing@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2009 12:08:48 -0700

[...But not positive enough to avoid >bad-mouthing< this observing spot, 
and also mentioning the other baaad world news.]

 >Of course< it is always good practice to seek higher ground if 
Usually the seeing will again steady out for a period, after the 
draining cold air "fills up" the lower basin in these circumstances...
You can also go to the west up on the ridge along I-17 at Badger Springs 
Rd. if you don't wanna try to ford the stream bed and drive up the hill.
I believe there is at least one road that quickly crosses the streambed 
and then goes directly up the hill to the east....

Check it out sometime and let us know....
(Replying privately to avoid further flaming....)

stanlep@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote
>> I would be in interested in your assessment of the sky quality because I
>> would not think it would be a good observing spot. Yes, it is further away
>> from the Phx light, but the site is set down in hills, not on top a hill
>> or wide flat terrain. There should be more turbulance as cold air drains
>> down into Badger Wash and the Agua Fria. I also used to observe in a wide
>> open area 6 miles up from Badger Springs road off Bloody Basin road. Like
>> clockwork, around 10pm the skies would become turbulent. So, I would be
>> interested in the expert opionion of your's and Jack's as to the
>> astronomical sky observing quality of the site.
>> Off to a new year. I think this one will be better than the last, not
>> counting the housing crisis and the deteriorating economy, and I
>> definitely have a positive attitude.
>> Stan
>> Close-in site for N Phx?  Hmmm, sounds like it might be worth checking out
>> some night, Jack.
>> Richard Harshaw
>> Cave Creek, AZ
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