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  • Date: Sat, 9 Oct 2004 17:46:38 EDT

Hi AJ,
The Doney Mtn. Picnic Area is near Wupatki National Monument. Take Hwy 89A  
north from Flagstaff for about 26 miles--just a couple of miles north of the  
small community of Antelope Hills--and turn right into the northernmost 
entrance  to Wupatki. Drive about 9.5 miles to the paved entrance (right turn) 
to the 
 picnic area.
We had a nice group there, last night. Lynn Blackburn, Brent & JoAnne  
Archinal, Max Oelschlaeger, Jeremy Perez and a few others turned out for some  
dark sky observing. The new 18-inch performed well. We used the  
ArgoNavis/ServoCAT powered Obsession to observe the supernova in NGC 6946,  all 
members of Stephan's Quintet and nearby NGC 7320C; the 15.2 magnitude  central 
in M57 and nearby IC 1296. Towards the end of the night, I put the  AN in tour 
mode and observed some open clusters in Cassiopeia.
Bill in Flagstaff:
Bill,  sounds like some folks at CAS are getting ready for an evening of  
observing.  I just hope the weather holds out for all of us.  I  haven't 
been to the Doney Mt Picnic area, is it before or after Hart  Prarie Trail?

Bill  Ferris
"Cosmic Voyage: The Online Resource for Amateur Astronomers"
URL:  http://www.cosmic-voyage.net

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