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  • From: Howard Anderson <handy13@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 29 May 2010 18:58:47 -0700


After a fair bit of research I managed to put together
a Google Maps map of observing sites in Arizona that can
be shared with you.  The link below is the only way to get
to my map so only members of EVAC, Ariz-obs, and SAC will have access
(assuming you don't forward the link to others.)


For a really good view, turn on "Satellite" an zoom into a site.  Then 
you can see the trees
and the meadows and the faint dirt roads that lead to the places to park.

I assembled the data from the SAC site (decoded the Observing.gdb Garmin
file using GPSBabelGUI) and from Beevo's list.  When I zoom in,
the sites look OK, i.e., they look like places you can access with good 
to the south.  I would be interested in any errors if anyone finds any.

There are two locations for Griffin Ranch, one provided by Beevo's data
and one provided from David Douglass. 

Anderson Mesa also looks like it might be a bit off?  The site must be
either there or nearby but it is a bit puzzling to me...

Putting the pushpins on the map using coordinates was extremely 
i.e., if you put something like "34.6999583, -111.446900" into the 
Google Maps
"Search Maps" box, then search, the result is the closest labeled thing
Google knows about.  If you want your coordinates to actually be
where you specified them to be, then you have to enter "34.6999583, 
-111.446900 (some name)"
and then it will put the push pin at the exact coordinates entered. Some 
name entered in parentheses is essential.  That is a BAD interface 
convention in my opinion and it is also not properly documented...   
However, the whole
shebang is free so I should not complain too much.  :-)

Similarly, creating the map and the list of sites was also 

Anyway, hope this will be useful to some of you.  I knew where some of the
sites were but not all...  And it is useful to me to be able to look at the
satellite images to get some idea of what the site looks like.



Howard Anderson, in Tempe AZ


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