[AZ-Observing] NGC 6888 - Crescent Nebula

  • From: Mike Wiles <mikewilesaz@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: AZ-Observing@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 5 Jul 2011 09:36:52 -0700

We had a fantastic time observing and imaging at Fredericksen Meadow this
past weekend. In a full demonstration of the depths of our telescope
junkie-ness, at one point we definitively counted 9 telescopes for 4
observers.  Attached is the first set of really nice data I was able to
capture over the week, a Hyperstar image of the Crescent Nebula.  I plate
solved the stack of images as part of my post-processing and Maxim DL
counted just shy of 40,000 stars in the 2.5º x 1.5º field of view.  Getting
the nebulosity to really show through all the clutter of the stars was the
most difficult task in processing the image, but I'm pleased with my end
We also hunted the Crescent down visually with both a 15" Obsession and a
TEC 140 refractor.  It's a much easier object to capture photographically
than it is to see visually, that's for sure!!   Not too difficult in the
15", but I'd have to mark it down as a "maybe" for me through the smaller
refractor - a testament to my lack of visual observing skill more than any
comment on the telescope.  In fact, after viewing Saturn through the TEC 140
this past weekend I can now say I understand what all the fuss is about when
it comes to APO refractors.



Object - NGC 6888 - Crescent Nebula
Telescope - Celestron 11" Edge HD operating at f/2 via Hyperstar
Guiding - QHY5, Vixen ED80SF and Maxim DL
Exposure - 20 x 2 minutes (40 minutes total) with QHY8PRO camera and Maxim
Calibration - Stacked & Calibrated in Maxim DL (flats & bias, bad pixel map,
no darks)
Post-Processing - Photoshop CS5 - Levels & Curves, Minimum filter

NGC6888 <http://www.flickr.com/photos/ewwwtopia/5903066024/> by Mike
on Flickr

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