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I am wondering if anyone would be interested in an all night observing run at 
Mt. Wilson's 60" Hale telescope.  The cost of that is at present $ 900 all 
night and half night ending at midnight is $ 450 and includes an telescope 
operator.  This is strictly observing selected objects some preplanned by the 
operator and some the participants would like to list at the time.  
It is permissible to bring your own CCD or astro-camera but, due to the time to 
set up these on the telescope while others lose observing time, it is not 
recommended by Mt. Wilson. One could use a digital through the eyepiece if 
desired however.  Also the scope is an f16 Cassegrain using 4" eyepieces so 
unless one has an adapter or this size eyepiece one need not bring their 

The following dates at or within a couple of days of new moon are at present 
available:  April 9 although may still be snow up there, May 7, June 4, July 9 
and some later dates.  Reservation forms and prepayment sent to Mt. Wilson is 

As to the cost, if  9 persons it would be $ 100 per person and so on.  It is 
recommended that a small group attend because more objects can be observed. 
Less than 9 is doable but the fewer sharing the cost tends to get more 
expensive.  I would say we limit it to 15 maximum which would be $ 60 per 
person.  If there is more interest than that number then two groups at 
different dates could be arranged.  I will volunteer to do the arranging unless 
someone else wishes to do so.

You would have to make your own travel arrangements and lodging as you prefer. 
Some may want to spend a few days in the area and some may not.  Mt. Wilson is 
very near Pasadena.  If we are fortunate on the evening selected a fog will 
roll into the LA basin below and far better night sky will be available for 
seeing according to Jeff Hester.  Not to say that light pollution prevents an 
enjoyable evening without the fog cover.

If interested contact me off list and we will see how the numbers add up and 
how a date might work for everyone.  Keep in mind once payment is collected up 
front and paid to Mt. Wilson if you don't go there is no individual refund.  
Refunds are as a group depending upon weather and such at the Mountain.  Then 
Mt. Wilson will either refund to the group or arrange another date as we see 

Chuck Crawford


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