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  • Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2001 12:56:09 -0700

How was collimation? If not dead on, you'll see most everything, but miss
the finest detail. Maybe just a tweak would have done it?  Have you seen the
Encke division in this scope? That can be tough at twice this telescope's
size. Clean optics does help. What is your source for collodion?

Jack Jones

>       With Ganymade far from the planet and the atmosphere stable, now was
> the
> time to observe the moon's subtle albedo shades ... Barely anything!  As a
> matter of fact, I don't ever recall having difficulty finding surface
> detail
> at magnifications higher than 400x under good seeing.  What's the deal?
> This past month I've talked about cleaning my mirror, and well, I am
> overdue.  I think missing the Encke division and surface detail in
> Ganymade
> is either the result of being four months from opposition or light scatter
> from dust on the mirror.  Aside for the object, I first noticed a glow
> surrounding the planet much greater than I've found in past sessions minus
> the secondary's spider.  This is what is leading me to believe how
> important
> clean optics are for observing the planets--or other bright objects--with
> great contrast.  I'm going to test my theory throughout the week and
> hopefully have my mirror cleaned by the weekend using Collodion.
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