[AZ-Observing] Moon and Venus, a slightly different look

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Here's my contribution to documenting the conjunction from the 27th. Again, 
thanks to Mark Wainwright for giving the heads up on this --- it allowed me 
to get the camera gear set up and wait for a sucker hole in the high thin 
clouds we had in the area. It was also a little breezy at the time and this 
is the one of the better shots that came out --- the 500mm catches a lot of 
wind that even a decent camera tripod can't overcome. This is the first time 
I have been able to capture a planet in phase without the use of a 


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> Hi David -
> It looks like you have a duplicate entry in your link. This one works:
> http://autostarsuite.net/photos/dshafer/picture18644.aspx
> I also captured the conjuction, using a slighly larger lense set-up (500mm
> with 1.4x TC) and was able to get Venus in a crescent phase as well.
> -Sam
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>>I imaged the conjunction on the 27th with a Canon DSLR and a 300mm zoom
>> lens. If you look closely at the large image, you can see the disk of
>> Venus. Stack of 16 .5 second images. Converted from RAW to tiff in
>> Nebulosity2. Stacked, levels and curves in PS CS2.

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