[AZ-Observing] Moon Grazing Star SAO 184540/184541

  • From: <kevin.kozel@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2013 1:18:19 -0400

Hi all.
Last evening while I was looking at the moon with my 25x100's, I saw the 6th 
mag double star SAO 184540/184541 pass behind the southern edge of the moon at 
about 8:12pm MST.  It flickered quite a bit before winking out.   I'm thinking 
it really was a grazer with what I've read in the Observers Handbook 2013 on 
page 177, the map for August 16 to Sept. 30. I'm not sure I'm reading the book 
properly.   If I was observing father south, it may have stayed visible the 
whole time.  It reappeared against a very brightly lit moon around 8:17pm, plus 
or minus.

If anyone can confirm that this really was a moon grazer to this beginner 
grazer gazer, please feel free to let me know.  I was working on my 100 Lunar 
objects and saw this event.  It was followed by the moon occulting the star WDS 
KUI 73 (5th mag) at about 8:36pm.  Nice double in one evening.

 An F-16 from Luke AFB transited the moon at 9:18pm.  The silhouette was very 
clearly seen against a bright moon.  

Thanks to anyone who can help,
Kevin Kozel
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