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lor:#ffffff;color:black;}p{margin:0px;}Thank you Tom for that = much needed
It must als= o be pointed out emphatically that the letter to the editor to
the AZ Daily= Sun about this matter is a personal opinion expressed by Mr.
P=utnam. It is not an official asteroid naming proposal by L= owell
Observatory. As the Minor Planet Center rules below clearly indicate,=
namingan asteroid is subject to specific guidelines and must be approved =
bythat body.
Now can we please get back to astronomy?

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>From: Tom Polakis >Sent: Sep 10, 2013 6:27 PM
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&g= t;Subject: [AZ-Observing] Minor Planet Naming Rules
>In case = you find yourself stumbling across a previously undiscovered
asteroid, the = rules are stated at the Minor Planet Center.
>http://www.mino= rplanetcenter.net/iau/info/HowNamed.html
>...wherein it is wr= itten (on whatever it is that they write it on up
>"P= roposed names should be:
>16 characters or less in length (in= cluding any spaces or punctuation)
>preferably one word
&g= t; pronounceable (in some language)
= >not too similar to an existing name of a minor planet or natura= l
planetary satellite 
>Names for persons or events known= primarily for their military or
politicalactivities are acceptable only a= fter 100 years elapsed since the
person died or the event occurred.
>Names of pet animals are discouraged.
>Names = of a purely or principally commerical [sic] nature are not
&gt= ;
>So there will be no asteroid Wal-mart, Rascal, or Trayvonm= artin to worry
about for at least the remainder of our lives. Apparently t= he naming rules
would allow an asteroid !Nara!, so named after the !Nara! b= ush, even
thoughit's really only correctly pronounceable by Bushmen tribes= .
>Tom (just barely able to contain his outrage)
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