[AZ-Observing] McNeil's Nebula: More Arizona Amateurs In The News

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Brian alerted members of another e-mail list about a good summary for
McNeil's Nebula.  On page #3 under "Pre-outburst Observations" Phoenix
amateur John Welch is mentioned as the person who brought the 1966 image
showing the nebula to the authors' attention.  John runs a night-sky
viewing business named Scopin'USA.



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Subject:  [amastro] ApJ Letter on McNeil's Nebula

     A first look at the astrophysical data for McNeil's Nebula and
the illuminating star have been submitted to 'Astrophysical Journal
Letters'by Bo Reipurth and Colin Aspin.  It provides a very nice summary
of what's know up to now.  The paper is available from the astro-ph


IRAS 05436-0007 and the Emergence of McNeil's Nebula


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