[AZ-Observing] M97 from last night

  • From: Howard Anderson <handy13@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 07 May 2013 09:10:34 -0700

Shot M97 last night from remote scope in New Mexico:


Semi-pleased with the result.
Slight elongation of stars in the Dec direction is making
me moderately unhappy.  Need to consider recalibrating

Thanks to Mike Zele in China who suggested using binning
for guiding!  I was able to guide reliably on a star of Magnitude
10.45 at bin 2 which was impossible at bin 1.  This is
essentially the same as averaging 4 images so it improves the
signal to noise ratio.  The scope is operating at f/10, and
the guider at bin 2 is operating at 1.1 Arc Second per pixel which
is the limit of seeing on the best of nights.  So the Dec guiding error
was not because of the binning.  At least that's what I think at
the moment... 

Probably need to recalibrate guiding.  Need
a night of good seeing, no clouds, no wind...  Hard to come by



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