[AZ-Observing] Leonids and the Moon

  • From: "Stanley A. Gorodenski" <stan_gorodenski@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2004 10:29:24 -0800

I read this from AstroAlert:
"Some of you may be up now looking for Leonid meteors.
I haven't seen much activity here in Greenbelt, MD.  But
this evening, the waxing crescent Moon will present
much of its dark side to the Leonid radiant, so it
offers a good opportunity to video record lunar Leonid
impact flashes, as Brian Cudnik pointed out in an
earlier message.  I was going to try to record the
dark side of the Moon while it was up several hours
ago, but just as I was getting prepared for the
observation, a large mass of thick cirrus moved in.
Hope conditions are better in the Mid-Atlantic States,
and in your area, tomorrow evening, when we might get
some multiple confirmations of impact flashes."

It appears the dark side of the moon will be facing in the right 
direction as the Earth moves through the comet trail, although it will 
be well before the radiant rises, and so Leonids traveling in a 
direction opposite to the radiant will not be necessary for a Lunar 
impact. In past Leonid showers I have seen trails opposite, or near 
opposite, in direction to the main shower. What are these? Are they 
aberrant Leonids, or are these non-Leonid meteors that superimpose on 
the Leonid shower?

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