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  • From: "Steve Coe" <stevecoe@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2001 01:39:46 -0700

Howdy all;

Well, A.J. and I have another possible site for viewing the Leonid Meteor 
Shower.  It will not get you too near the flares at Sentinel and not too close 
to the hunters at Eagle Eye.  

Drive West out I-10 to the Vicksburg Rd. Exit.  That is exit 45, which means it 
is about 100 miles from central Phoenix.  Turn left (south) for 5 miles on a 
good, graded dirt road.  After five miles you will see a fence and a cattle 
guard with a sign that says you are enterring the KOFA wilderness.  BEFORE you 
cross the cattle guard, take a right (west) which is just a jeep trail that is 
used to keep the fence repaired.  After about 300 yards off the dirt road is a 
large open area where 25 vehicles and people can set up with plenty of room.  
There is also some overflow area on the other side of the road.

Even though the site is not actually within the wildrness, shall we call it the 
KOFA site?

So, good news:  no flares from airplanes and no trip down Hwy. 85.
Bad news:  it is a long way from Phoenix, the glow of the city is the direction 
Leo will rise (but far away) and there is a small truck stop with some lights 
at the freeway exit, so the glow is to the north.

One other piece of input, A.J. and I found this site during the day while 
looking for something better than Eagle Eye and all the people who use that 
place.  So, we have never actually observed from this location.  Has anyone 
else on this list actually used a spot near here?  Was it dark?  Was the truck 
stop a problem?  I have an opinion that the meteors will be plenty bright from 
this location, but I don't know for sure.  All we can do is go try it.

Clear Skies to us all;
Steve Coe
Author:  Deep Sky Observing--The Astronomical Tourist
Saguaro Astronomy Club web site:

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