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  • Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2004 22:00:19 EST

Stan Gorodenski wrote:
I was  led to believe from reading skypud.com that the Leonids were 
expected to  peak Wednesday morning, but it appears there is some 
speculation that it  might be Friday. Does anyone have more information 
on the expected  peak?

Experts predict the 2004 Leonids will feature two peaks on the night of  
November 18-19. The first comes when Earth will pass near the meteor stream of  
the year 1333 on 19 November at about 06:40 UT (18 November, 11:40 pm MST). 
 favors observers along the east coast of South America. Earth is predicted 
to  pass through the stream of 1733 at about 21:50 UT (2:50 pm MST) on the 
19th, a  peak which would favor observers in Asia. 

For those of us located  outside the favored regions for the above-mentioned 
events, the best time to go  out and look for Leonid meteors will be during 
the historical peak just  before sunrise on the morning of November 17.

Bill in Flagstaff
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