[AZ-Observing] Re: ISS/STS-121 pass over Phoenix tonight just before 9pm

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Hi Rick,

I'm still experimenting with the (now registered version) of Brent Boshart's
"Satellite Tracker" ($26 US) (He's in Canada). I have an account with
"Space-Tracker" so I could have access to all their TLE catalogs
(Registration is free but take a couple of days while they run a back ground
check on you). Tonight's pass is a little tight as I like to track a bird or
two before the main event because as you pointed out, you want the latest
timings as things drift a bit. By adjusting the timing (usually ahead by a
second or two) on a couple of "test" satellites, I have found most all
subsequent "tracks" fairly on the money. I will be doing a visual
observation so no pictures only a description of what I might see...

If you want to play with Brent's software you can download it for free with
20 "evaluation" uses... (www.heavenscape.com)

Jimmy Ray

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You can get the most current orbital elements from Heavens-Above. They
update every three hours, I believe. Click on the link to the pass and from
the visibility details page, click the "orbit' Link near the top right. This
will display a plot of the orbit and will have the two line keplarian
elements below the maps. Also has the elements in a tabular for as well. You
should be able to copy & paste the TLE into whatever software you're using.
Do it around 1900 tomorrow and you'll have the most accurate elements.

I look forward to seeing your results

Rick Tejera
Editor SACnews
Saguaro Astronomy Club
Phoenix, Arizona
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