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  • Date: Wed, 29 Jul 2009 05:36:07 +0000

What happens when you give a fool a digital camera? He takes pictures of  
Stars and Satellites.
OK. I wanted to take pictures of the shuttle and ISS together. However, I  
could not find the cable to connect the camera to the laptop, so I tried to  
take several frames by just holding the shutter down.

Well it worked, sort of. I breath, my heart beats, and my hands shake, but  
you get the idea.

I took pictures of some object that preceded the shuttle by about 6 minutes  
with 1 second exposures, there is a gap towards the end of the set to give  
direction. There was a jet passing from left to right at the lower portion  
of the frame. The preceding object (the Progress supply ship I think) aimed  
right at the tail of Scorpius. Another object in red following and below  
that. One more satellite just above and to the right of the Agave Stalk. I  
used the 18-55mm lens that came with the XSi camera, zoomed to 55mm.

I got 5 frames of the shuttle at 1/2 second exposures with a 100-300mm zoom  
lens, set at 300mm. The shakes are real obvious at this zoom. Again I got  
two other objects, one is clearly a satellite in the upper left of the  
frame and the other just at the bottom of the frame that I am not sure what  
it is.

I got several frames of the station at 1/2 second exposures at 300mm. I  
really need to find the cable because the shakes are really too much. You  
can see the station fading, it blinked out just outside the frame.

I hope to get some practice making images of satellites with the cable and  
computer to try to take more stable images. But at least I tried.

Here is the link to the images: http://www.100valley.com/ISS/


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