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Hi Keith-

It is pretty easy, though time-consuming.  The animation itself is really
simple - I use a program called Microsoft Digital Imaging Pro 10.0.  You
pretty much open the images, select "flipbook animation" under tools,
select the frame size and loop time and you are done.  I've heard you can
do it with Photoshop using Layers, but I'm still a neophyte at Photoshop. 
I do use it (Photoshop) though to set levels on each frame (the time
consuming part) so the darkest to brightest parts of the image is
stretched from 0-256.  I look at a number of frames and usually boost the
average high (I ignore the headlights, etc).  On the north rim fire
animation, I had to both raise the highlights and lower the lows.  I also
didn't mention it in the first post, but I record the original frames at
the 20Da's lowest resolution, since in the animation it will be sampled
pretty low.


> Dean,
> Those are awesome!  Thanks for sharing.  The star party animations are
> really dramatic with the Milky Way star clouds rising in the background.
> I'm wondering what steps you used to create the animations?  I have a
> sequence of 99 shots of early evening setup from TSP, but when I started
> to
> put them together in PS I realized my method would probably take a huge
> amount of time so I gave up.  Maybe you know an easy way?
> Clear Skies -
> Keith Schlottman

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