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  • Date: Sun, 2 Jul 2006 20:32:20 -0700 (MST)

Hi All-

Since it seems a slow period with the monsoons upon us, I thought I'd post
some animations I shot at the grand Canyon Star Party which ended a week
ago now.  All were shot with a Canon 20Da used with auto dark subtraction.

First up is non-astronomical...  It is a sequence of the Warm Springs Fire
on the north rim.  It was shot with an 80-200 Canon zoom, set to about
100mm focal length.  The timer was set to 1 exposure per minute, and 50
exposures are included (tripod was kicked before the 50...):

This is the one that started it all - shot on saturday (17 June) with a
Nikon (yes-Nikon! w/$20 E-bay adaptor) 16mm F/2.8 full frame fisheye shot
wide open.  30 second exposures (ISO 1600) every 2 minutes:

This sequence was taken sunday night (18 June)- smoke from the Sedona fire
is seen low in the east.  Shot with a Nikon 8mm fisheye wide open.  @
minute exposure every 4 minutes.  Note what looks like a Iridium Flare
(not predicted by Heavens-above) in one freme in Hercules near the zenith.
 You can also see me smooching with girlfriend Melinda in more than one

After the first star party sequence, I wanted one that was smoother, yet
went longer.  This one uses 99 frames - 40 second exposures with the 16mm
@ F/2.8 every 90 seconds, so covers 2.5 hours of the star party.  Scopes
visible are Joe Bergeron's 6" refractor to the left, Elaine Osborne's Newt
at center, and Dennis Young's 28" at right.  For those of you there, I set
up to shoot thru the fence adjacent to the bathroom path - bathroom was
the source of the red lights.  This is a "slow" version - the "fast" one
was just to frenetic going thru so many frames so quickly:

Sorry some of them are a little large - could probably have saved the
jpegs at lower resolution, but I don't have the time to spend further on
it.  I hope you enjoy!


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