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  • Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2006 21:07:05 -0700

Good luck photographing. That's where you're going to need the luck. (I'll be 
trying to catch some too.)


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I plan to go out Wednesday night to watch and photograph the Geminids.  Here's 
the entry from my Sky Events Almanac 

December 13 - 14 (night): Geminids meteor shower. Just-past-last-quarter Moon 
rising about 2 a.m. will interfere somewhat. Shower radiates from Castor in 
constellation Gemini, which rises in NE around 7 p.m. and is near zenith in 
early morning hours. Best time to look between 9 p.m. and moonrise. Typical 
rate 60 meteors per hour.

  Some Geminid photos from past years can be seen on my web site:

  Good luck meteor hunting!


Brian Skiff  wrote:

P. Jenniskens, SETI Institute, reports that the Geminid meteors from
(3200) Phaethon should peak at ZHR = 130 +/- 20 meteors/hr on 2006 Dec.
14d08h48m UT, with a FWHM of 26 hr....A waning 31-percent
crecent moon will not interfere before 1 a.m. local time. Meteors should
radiate from a geocentric radiant of R.A. = 113.8 deg, Decl. = +32.4 deg
(equinox 2000.0), with velocities of V_g = 34.6 km/s.

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