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I thought this may be of interest.

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Dear Jeff,
Thank you for your email.  To clarify a point that is muddled in the asteroid 
story, the effort to name an asteroid after Trayvon Martin is that of an 
individual, who in this case happens to be sole trustee of Lowell Observatory.  
This effort is in no way endorsed by Lowell Observatory.
I have received notes like yours from other community members and am passing 
them on to our director.
Thanks for your concerns, Kevin

Kevin Schindler
Outreach Manager
Lowell Observatory
1400 W. Mars Hill Rd.
Flagstaff, AZ  86001
(928) 233-3210 phone
(928) 774-6297 fax


From: Leslie Wells
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Subject: FW: Outrage


From: Jeff Hopkins [mailto:phxjeffx@xxxxxxx]
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Subject: Outrage

I hope what I have heard is NOT true.Trayvon Martin
I hope the following is not true.


I have an asteroid named after me (187283) in recognition for my astronomical 
research. To hear Lowell Observatory wants to name one after a worthless thug 
that got exactly what he deserved is outrageous. 
If this is true, I am afraid I will lose all respect for Lowell Observatory.

Hopkins Phoenix Observatory


Counting Photons

Phoenix, Arizona


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