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Being a photographer, good thing you didn't instinctively reach for a camera, 
or it may have been misinterpreted...


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I went to Vekol Wednesday night to harvest some photons.  Turned out to be a 
good night for it.
So I'm heading home in the morning at about 10:00 a.m. driving up Vekol road 
when I hear a noise.  Sounds like somebody's trying to pass me in one of those 
four wheelers.  But I can't see any four wheelers around me.  Then I look up 
and it turns out to be one of those big military style helicopters flying 
right above me.  Probably the same 'copter that buzzed the Vekol star party in 
October.  I keep driving when I realize this thing's keeping up with me.  Then 
the 'copter spins around so it's facing me and lands on the road in front of 
me in an immense cloud of dust.  I think it's a good idea to stop at that 

Three guys with automatic weapons jump out dressed in full combat camouflage 
and helmets and they fan out before they start walking towards me.  Of course 
I know they're patrolling the border but it is an interesting sight when you 
know they're coming to visit YOU.

After a few words about what I was up to they headed back to that big 
helicopter and took off.  One guy had a lot of questions about what I was 
doing but I got the impression it was more curiosity than interrogation.

I would rather be visited by these guys then one of the bad guys.

Jon Christensen

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